Generic Name: Silver Sulfadiazine USP

Therapeutic Name: Antibacterial Drugs

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Burnless cream contains Silver Sulfadiazine which is the silver salt of N-[Pyrimidin-2-yl) sulphanilamide. It is a sulfonamide. It is used topically for the prevention and treatment of infections in severe burns, It is effective against Gram-positive ana Gram-negative bacteria including Pseudomonas aeruginosa, yeast and fungi, It has a bactericidal action; i n contrast to sulfadiazine, the silver salt acts primarily on the cell membrane and cell wall and its action is not antagonised by p-aminobenzoic add. The compound is painless upon application, It has a pleasant cooling effect to the burnt surface.lt is considered by most authorities to be one of the agents of choice for the prevention of infection of burns. Little silver is absorbed. Silver is released from the preparation in concentrations that are selectively toxic to the microorganisms. Upto about 10% of the sulfadiazine may be absorbed. Concentrations in blood of 10 to 20 meg per ml have been reported although higher concentrations may be achieved when extensive areas of the body are treated. Silver Sulfadiazine is slowly converted to sulfadiazine in contact with wound exudates. Indications: • Prophylaxis and treatment of infection in burn wounds t As an adjunct to short-term treatment of infection in a) Leg ulcers b) Pressure sores • As an adjunct to prophylaxis of infection in a) Skin graft donor sites b) Extensive abrasions t Conservative management of finger-tip injuries