Generic Name: Butamirate Citrate

Therapeutic Name: Cough & Cold Remedies

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COMPOSITION Bucod Tablet: Each Sustained Release tablet contains Butamirate Citrate BP50mg. Bucod Syrup; Each 5 ml syrup contains Butamirate Citrate BP 7,5 rng. PHARMACOLOGY Bucod (Butamirate Citrate) acts directly on the brain's cough center to suppress cough. Bucod {Butamirate Citrate) is safe and non-sedating which is neither chemically nor pharmacologically related to opium alkaloids. Bucod is rapidly and completely absorbed after oral administration. Maximum concentration is reached within 9 hours with sustained release tablet. Bucod is extremely protein bound and plasma elimination half life is about 13 hours.The active metabolites of Bucod have also antitussive action. INDICATION Bucod {Butamirate Citrate) is used to relieve dry (non-productive) cough. Dry cough may be caused by a recent viral infection. It is also used for pre- & post-operative cough sedation in patients who will undergo surgical procedures and bronchoscopy. It can be used in acute cough of any etiology, whooping cough and cough due to acute lower respiratory tract infections (tracheitis, laryngitis, bronchitis) etc.