Vitamin BZ

Generic Name: Vitamin B-Complex & Zinc

Therapeutic Name: Vitamins and Minerals

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Vitamin BZ is indicated for the treatment and prevention of B-vitamins & Zinc deficiencies. B Vitamins are needed to release energy from food. They play an important role in ensuring healthy brain and nerve function, healthy red blood cells formation in children & adults. They are specially needed for healthy growth and development of children. B vitamin deficiencies in adult cause profound fatigue and various types of neurologic manifestations, which may include weakness, poor balance, confusion, irritability, memory loss, nervousness, tingling of the limbs, and loss of coordination. Depression may be an early sign of significantly low levels of pyridoxine, as well as other B vitamins. Additional symptoms of vitamin B deficiency are sleep disturbances, nausea, poor appetite, frequent infections, and skin lesions. In children, Zinc is necessary to maintain a healthy immune system. It ensures normal growth & sexual development of children. It is further necessary for the growth and maintenance of muscles. In adult, typical signs of zinc deficiency are loss of appetite, poor sense of smell and taste, tendency towards depression, white marks on fingernails, pale skin, frequent infections, low fertility, stretch marks, prostate problems, mental problems, poor wound healing, a poor immune system, diarrhoea, mental lethargy, rough skin, weight loss, ache and greasy skin.